Another Vandalism Incident at a City Park, but Alleged Culprits Likely Found

By Jeff Toquinto on May 30, 2013


The third time may actually be a charm, at least when it comes to recent vandalism in the City of Bridgeport. Bridgeport Parks and Recreation Director Don Burton said a recent destruction of a paper towel holder at Compton Park appears to have suspects and identities attached to the incident.
The damage comes days after the restroom utilized by the public near the Bridgeport City Pool was spray painted inside and also days after Bridgeport Police Chief John Walker talked about incidents involving political signs in the city. Walker asked for the public to keep their eyes and ears open, which he believed was the best way to catch vandals.
Walker appears to be correct. On Tuesday evening, a summer worker of Bridgeport P&R Department was shooting basketball at Compton Park. While there, Burton said the worker heard a loud crash and went to investigate near the bathroom facility at that park.
“He walked across the court and saw two guys and a girl near the bathroom. He looked in and noticed the paper towel dispenser was broken into pieces and asked them why they broke it,” said Burton. “They told him they didn’t do it, but he told them he heard it and that it was fine a few minutes earlier when he was in there.”
After the brief verbal exchange, the three alleged perpetrators got into their vehicle and left. The summer worker, however, took the license plate number down and then called Burton. Burton arrived at the park late Tuesday evening and contacted Bridgeport City Police. The police took the report and ran the license plate number.
“They were able to identify the individual with the car so I’m hopeful this one will result in someone paying for the damage,” Burton said.
Burton said the damages, with labor included, will be around $100. He said it’s not the price that’s the issue, but the fact that you can’t allow individuals to get away with vandalizing property owned by the city and ultimately the taxpayers.
“The city will press charges because it’s something we do if we’re 100 percent certain we have the right people and I think we’ll be able to determine that here,” said Burton. “Even though it’s not the most expensive item, it’s all taxpayer money. The taxpayers pay for it and want to enjoy it.”
Burton was thankful the person in question stepped forward and was diligent in getting the information.
“We’re lucky this young man takes what he does seriously and doesn’t want to see things torn up,” Burton said. “Certainly it was a case of someone being in the right place at the right time.”
In the meantime, there are no developments on the previous cases involving vandalism. You can read about the city pool incident by clicking HERE and the political signs by clicking HERE.


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